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Isi/Disi - Amor a lo bestia

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Release: July 23, 2004
Length: 1 hour, 28 minutes
Genres: Adventure, Comedy, Music, Romance

Will love compromise one man's devotion to heavy rock? That's the all-important question behind this broad comedy from Spain. Isi (Santiago Segura) and Disi (Florentino Fernandez) are two best friends who live in a lower middle-class neighborhood near Madrid. Isi and Disi aren't especially bright, but their devotion to heavy metal is complete and unquestioned, and they wouldn't be caught dead listening to a lame pop singer like, say , Joaquin Sabina. However, one day Isi sees Vane (Jaydy Michel), a beautiful girl who attends a nearby college, and immediately falls head over heels in love.



Isi/Disi - Alto voltaje

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