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The Perfect Storm: Story of the 1994 Montreal Expos

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Release: March 1, 2015
Length: 0 hours, 23 minutes
Genre: Documentary

In 1994, the Montreal Expos held the best record in baseball until the mid-August strike and the entire post-season was cancelled.  The team never found success again, and in 2004, the franchise was forced to leave Montreal and move to Washington. This film provides access to powerful behind-the-scenes footage – ranging from the players’ bus ride to the stadium, to their emotional reactions stepping onto the field, to the Montreal fans who have never forgotten baseball’s best team in 1994. Interviews with media who followed the team’s season and discussions with former coaches and players will paint both a thrilling and heartbreaking picture of the influential ‘94 Montreal Expos – a groundbreaking squad whose legacy lives on in Montreal 



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